About the EAST ENERGY Group

Our path to 100% energy generation from renewable sources


Welcome to the EAST ENERGY Group!

Here at the EAST ENERGY Group we’re creating value for a green future and are driving the energy and CO2 transition with our day-to-day work. In this, we’ve remained connected to our home region, concentrating our activities on northern and northeastern Germany.

As a systems provider of solutions for the acquisition of suitable sites, turnkey construction of photovoltaic power plants, and sector coupling systems, we are putting the energy transition into active practice and establishing stable regional value chains.

Under the East Energy brand, we design, build and operate photovoltaic power plants that supply the green power to operate our sector coupling systems, from e-fuel stations to bio-methanol power plants.

Under the SUN2GAS brand, we plan, build and operate bio-methanol power plants that use hydrogen and CO2-recovery to produce bio-methanol on site and sell it to regional and national customers. We make the process heat from our bio-methanol power plants available to municipal or industrial local and district heating networks.

One group – one vision

The backgrounds and careers of each EAST ENERGY employee is testament of a clear position, respect, and sense of responsibility towards our environment and our society.

Our stated goal is making the northeastern German states not only the hotspot for generating green electricity through our power plant clusters, but also a major location for the production of bio-methanol from green hydrogen. Regions that were previously fairly weak in infrastructure and dominated by agriculture will be economically revitalised and developed with the green technology of the future, all without endangering the original nature-orientated character.

We know that good ideas alone are not enough. They also need to be feasible. That’s why we deal with not only generating renewable energy, but also extending its value chain to ensure a sustainable supply of electricity, heat, mobility, and downstream energy products.


Our Management Team

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Dirk Klänhammer

Managing Director

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Dirk Petschick

Managing Director

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Hagen Brey

Chief Finance Officer

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Michael Dahlmann

Chief Project and Development Manager

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Markus Krebes

Head of Customer Relationship Management

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Theresa Tetzner

Assistence to the Management

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Elena Löchner

Marketing Management