Project development of ground-mounted photovoltaic plants

From an empty lot to the grid connection of a completed solar park – all services from a single source

Under the East Energy brand, we design, build and operate photovoltaic power plants that supply the green power to operate our sector coupling systems, from e-fuel stations to bio-methanol power plants.


Optimal use of the limited resource of land is a vital factor in combining the interests of agriculture, natural conservation, and residents themselves, as well as in creating economic feasibility, sustainability and regional value.

In order to achieve our expansion targets, we are always on the lookout for suitable areas for our solar parks and transformer stations and locations for our bio-methanol power plants.

Many years of experience with farmers have taught us the great value of our own land. Respectful treatment of areas entrusted to us is a matter of course.

It is not our philosophy to pave with solar parks as much space as we can as quickly as possible, but rather to select areas so that they are best suited for our bio-methanol production and have a maximum chance of approval. It is our understanding that the interests of the land owner, local authorities, residents, nature conservation, and our profitability must be optimally coordinated.

So that we don’t take up valuable arable land, we are looking for arable land with low soil points and lower yields, where primarily energy crops have been cultivated to date.

As well as arable land, commercial and conversion areas, we are also looking for suitable water areas on which to operate floating photovoltaic systems.

With us, landowners can make their property sustainable for the future, generate attractive, long-term leasing receipts, take on park maintenance work, and also participate in the solar parks themselves.

Contact Person

Michael Dahlmann

Chief Project and Development Manager

How do we develop ground-mounted photovoltaic plants?

Our high level of expertise, many years of experience, and regional insider knowledge are guarantees for professional and efficient project development. We speak the language of everyone involved, and understand their concerns and reservations. Together, we can face all challenges with open, early, and constructive communication:

  • from area identification,
  • securing the area,
  • the feasibility study,
  • the grid connection planning,
  • the early public participation,
  • and the approval procedure in cooperation with the responsible offices and authorities,

we create shared solutions.

Nature and wildlife conservation, as well as citizen and community participation, are not just empty promises for us. We adhere to the Association of Energy Market Innovators’ “bne good planning” voluntary commitment in all our development projects.


We buy green CO2

We see CO2 not as a harmful waste product, but rather as an important raw material in the production of bio-methanol. This means that instead of simply blowing CO2 into the atmosphere where it can do no good, you can earn a little easy money from it.

In order to be able to classify our methanol as “bio”, the CO2 must only come from use of renewable raw materials, such as biogas plants, wood chip power plants, sludge incineration plants or the like. Using amine gas treating, we recover the CO2 using a CO2 separator directly at your plant.

Our experts will be happy to investigate the feasibility of this option with you and submit an offer for your “green” CO2.