Gransee ground-mounted PV plant

Project status: in planning

Project profile

Project address: Stadt 16775 Gransee, OT Altlüdersdorf
Property size: approx. 114 ha
Planned plant size: 110 MWp
Planned commissioning: Q4 2023
Project presentation (German): Download


Responsible building authority: Amt Gransee
Planning resolution: 02.12.2021
Link to planning resolution: TBD
Link to public planning documents: TBD

Contact Person

Dirk Petschick

Managing Director

Short description

We are planning the construction of a ground-mounted photovoltaic plant with an output of approx. 110 MWp in the town of Gransee, OT Altlüdersdorf, on Zabelsdorfer Straße, Gut Wentow. At the same time, we are planning the construction of a 10 MW flex-methanol plant in the industrial park northeast of Gransee, which will be supplied with green electricity from the ground-mounted photovoltaic plant via direct line.

The investment will create roughly 15 industrial jobs in the region and strengthen the business location in the Gransee industrial area.

The ground-mounted photovoltaic plant will generate approx. 110 million KWh of subsidy-free green electricity annually, from which approx. 1,500 t of green hydrogen and subsequently approx. 8,000 t of bio-methanol will be produced using green CO2 from biogas plants. Furthermore, approx. 17,500 MWh of process heat will be generated, which can be supplied to local community or industrial heating networks.

To secure the property, we have concluded long-term leases with the landowners and begun talks with the city to lease or acquire approximately 1 hectare of industrial land.

The investment creates about 15 industrial jobs in Gransee and strengthens the business location in the Gransee industrial area by offering process heat, industrial oxygen and cheap green electricity. As well as the income from the lease, this investment also secures long-term business tax revenue for the city.

An urban development contract has been concluded with the city, which indemnifies the city against any planning costs.

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