Offers for communities

The challenge of sustainability targets offers an opportunity to create value for communities

From the challenge of meeting ambitious sustainability goals and reconciling the different interests of citizens, trade, and industry while not burdening municipal budgets, we help interested communities develop the opportunity for local value creation through holistic renewable energy projects. These projects strengthen the quality of the location and, of course, take nature conservation into close account.

Starting points

  1. Establish state-of-the-art bio-methanol plants in your community to produce bio-methanol using green hydrogen and electricity from renewable energy sources


  • Creation of long-term high-quality jobs
  • Use of the roughly 75 degree process heat for community local and district heating systems (both existing and prospective), as well as the use of bio-methanol, hydrogen, and reneweable energy for community mobility concepts
  • Option for direct feed of bio-methanol into existing fossil infrastructure
  • Purchase of green CO2 from municipal emitters to optimise economic efficiency
  • Grid stability thanks to reverse power conversion and black start capability in the event of power grid outages
  • Advantageous location for the new trades and industries thanks to these described benefits

2. Economically practical use of municipal property for the operation of the solar plants needed

  • Property value increase due to commercial and industrial use
  • Long-term, regular leasing receipts
  • Land improvement
  • Additional use of waters for floating photovoltaics

3. Meaningful civic participation

  • Opportunities for affected citizens to participate by promoting projects, such as their own residential solar panels, e-mobility charging stations, or community infrastructure projects

Contact Person

Michael Dahlmann

Chief Project and Development Manager


We buy green CO2

We see CO2 not as a harmful waste product, but rather as an important raw material in the production of bio-methanol. This means that instead of simply blowing CO2 into the atmosphere where it can do no good, you can earn a little easy money from it.

In order to be able to classify our methanol as “bio”, the CO2 must only come from use of renewable raw materials, such as biogas plants, wood chip power plants, sludge incineration plants or the like. Using amine gas treating, we recover the CO2 using a CO2 separator directly at your plant.

Our experts will be happy to investigate the feasibility of this option with you and submit an offer for your “green” CO2.