Offers for business and industry

Competent consultation, implementation and support for your energy projects

Achieving your sustainability and CO2 reduction targets, securing your competitiveness and long-term economic success, and strengthening your image requires professional preparation, planning, financing, implementation, and support for your energy projects.

Our experts are happy to offer their experience from many commercial and industrial projects in the EAST ENERGY Group, as well as their expertise from our own PV plant and bio-methanol portfolio, to design and implement the individual mobility and energy solutions that are right for you.


Starting points

  1. Optimal use of your suitable roof and parking lot space for a PV system based on your load curve for a maximum self-supply of electricity
  2. Support for electricity surplus reclamation or development of suitable storage concepts
  3. Creation and implementation of e-mobility concepts
  4. Development of suitable Power-to-X solutions and use of surplus waste heat from your production process

Contact Person

Sven Bösler

HR & Project Manager


We buy green CO2

We see CO2 not as a harmful waste product, but rather as an important raw material in the production of bio-methanol. This means that instead of simply blowing CO2 into the atmosphere where it can do no good, you can earn a little easy money from it. In order to be able to classify our methanol as “bio”, the CO2 must only come from use of renewable raw materials, such as biogas plants, wood chip power plants, sludge incineration plants or the like. Using amine gas treating, we recover the CO2 using a CO2 separator directly at your plant. Our experts will be happy to investigate the feasibility of this option with you and submit an offer for your “green” CO2.

Product offers from our own power plants

In the coming years, we will be building solar parks and bio-methanol power plants at various location clusters in northeastern Germany. We are already offering interested commercial and industrial customers the opportunity to submit expressions of interest in our products. The current overview of ongoing projects and locations can be found here. (Link to the projects page)

We offer the following products:

  • 100% green electricity from our solar parks
  • Bio-methanol
  • Green hydrogen
  • Industrial oxygen
  • 75 degree process heat

Interested? Just contact us for details on from when we can deliver what quantities, and by what means.